About us

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Who are we?

AltSolution is a passionate team of professional Web Developers, QAs, Front-end and Back-end Developers, Web and UI/UX designers, Project Managers and Marketing Specialists.


Our technology expertise covers PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Magento, Laravel Framework, Kohana Framework, CSS3, Stylus, LESS, SASS, jQuery, jQuery animation, Velocity, GreenSock, mobile backend development (JSON and XML API).


AltSolution is an effective web solution covering such areas as eCommerce, UI/UX and fully Customized (Non-Template) solutions for start-ups and for corporate business-process automation and re-engineering, as well as Facebook and Telegram chatbot solutions.


AltSolution offices operate from two cities within Ukraine (Kyiv and Severodonetsk).

We form an effective team of highly competent professionals.

No outsourcing to third parties. We represent you with our dedicated in-house delivery resource. We work alongside you as an extension of your team, precisely and meticulously like clockwork.

So let's both get acquainted.

Maxim Shkarupa

CEO, CTO, co-founder

Dmytro Kardashuk

CVO, co-founder

Marina Chernovol

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Oleksii Lohvynenko

Technical Lead, 7+ y.e.

PHP, Laravel, Kohana, WordPress

Ivan Bezgubenko

Senior Developer 5+ y.e.

PHP, Laravel, Kohana

Volodymyr Gordienko

Senior Developer, 4+ y.e.

PHP, Laravel, Kohana

Eugene Goncharov

Senior Developer 4+ y.e.

Magento, PHP, Laravel, Kohana

Sergey Kryzskiy

Middle Frontend Developer, 4+ y.e.

HTML5, CSS3, Stylus, LESS, SASS, jQuery

Ivan Horobets

Junior Frontend Developer, 2+ y.e.

HTML5, CSS3, Stylus, LESS, SASS, jQuery

Tatyana Novichkova

Project Manager

Anastasia Medvedeva


Vitaly Podrez

Why AltSolution?

We have been developing web sites and web applications since 2005. And we perfectly understand what good solutions look like.

We have been working with companies from all over the world – from Ukraine, the United States, Europe and Australia. We have been selected as expertise partners by such leading brands as Toyota, Suzuki, Intel, Davidoff, Nestle, KFC, and many others.

Why? We excel in locating, building and delivering viable long-term solutions.

How do we work?

From initial conceptualisation through to planning and conceptual sign-off.

From sign-off through to realisation and delivery.

We act as a broad spectrum web studio: all the development phases from concept to final product implementation on the client's server are managed in-house by our own dedicated resources. We take full ownership of the development lifecycle, significantly reducing risk for our customers.