How can I start?

Press the 'Quick Quote' button (on the 'Main' Page or in the 'Portfolio' section) or the 'Contact Us' button (on the 'Contact us' page). Please describe the task, tell us more about the business process, submit every detail you find important.

Is it safe to provide my idea to you?

Yes. You shouldn't worry. We won't provide your information to the third party. We respect your privacy.

Can we sign an NDA?
Sure. You can provide your NDA or request ours. 
You can drop a quick message to us via the 'Quick Quote' or the 'Contact Us' buttons, indicating your email. An NDA will be sent to you in up to 2 days. You can get introduced with it and send us your comments (if any), then it will be signed by our Project Manager or CEO and sent back to you via email. 
Should I provide a brief or technical requirements?
You can provide 
- a brief, i.e. a description of the project in a free form (f.i. "I would like to request a development of an eCommerce site. Category — Electonics. Features: payment services integration (PayPal), chatbot for Facebook and Telegram Messengers")
- technical requirements, i.e. a document which contains all the requirements to the product. It allows us to understand what your product should do. It is meant for our interface designers and developers to use our expertise to provide the optimal solution to the requirements.
Can I provide the links to my competitors websites or the projects which features I want to implement in my project?

Of course. You can provide as many details as you can. The additional links to the resources will be a plus. They will help us to detalize the process. 

If I do not have any competitors or I do not like the way they communicate the product or the service?

It is also good, as the you have the idea how your product should NOT be implemented or look like. 

What about mind maps?
If you have it — please share. 
If you don't have it — don't worry, we will do it for you. It is the one of the first stage of the product development.
What do you mean by stages of product development?


  • We make a thorough study of the customer's requirements, then carry out the market and competitor analysis. In this way we define the product strategy. Hereafter we discuss it with the client.
  • We create a structure of the website scheme drafts, as well as technical requirements. 
  • UI/UX prototyping. 
  • The next step is the design and creative input. 
  • Then we create programming basis (front- and back ends).
  • HTML-coding and CMS adjustment. 
  • We demonstrate the output to the client, make changes (if any).
  • And at the end we make the client's server installation and turnkey configuration.